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3 3 In 2012, the [[BIR>>3\. Modeling Guide.References#HBIR]] decided to start the development of the CB-NL: the Dutch concept library. This decision was based on the pilot phase in which the need and objective, but also the configuration, requirements and workplan for the CB-NL were determined. This was reported in the document “Nederlandse conceptenbibliotheek (CB-NL) Hoofdrapportage Pilotfase”.
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7 7 The use of BIM (building information models) increases. Information is added to building objects and exchanged with other organizations. These descriptions are integrated in the building chain and life cycles.
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9 9 In this exchange errors occur frequently. Objects are defined, described and interpreted differently by the parties. The parties use different languages. Object data is therefore not shared efficiently. This hampers integration and further implementation of BIM. A broadly felt need for one standardized language for the complete sector exists. The CB-NL intends to provide this language.

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