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Last modified by Arjan Loeffen on 2015/06/01 09:28
  • Michel Bohms
    Michel Bohms, 2014/02/05 09:52

    This page has to be rivised completely. OWA and restriction modelling has been mixed up completely. Also the semantics is very unclear by new ill-defined meta-concepts like "features" and "constructs".
    One example:

    "This means that querying the CBNL for information on any construct will provide a basic set of information,  which may not be sufficient for building a “form”, which is intended to specify any instance of the construct."

    What does it mean exactly "not  to be sufficient to build a form"?

    Based on the OWA info we can make a form for each Class showing all obligatory properties (direct or inherited). By OWA nature, this form will not contain optional properties because in OWA they are infinite...

  • Hans Nijssen
    Hans Nijssen, 2014/10/01 12:13

    Mijn vraag is: de pagina is herzien 18 september jl., het commentaar van Michel is van 5 februari jl., is zijn commentaar nu verwerkt?

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