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Metamodel elements and OWL equivalents

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The elements of the metamodel are listed below; we also provide the OWL equivalent for each element.

In this overview we provide a full representation of metamodel classes, and the equivalent OWL constructs. 

WS PayloadgoalManaged as:comments
Conceptencapsulate a conceptowl:Class 
Propertydefine a property that takes the form of a value. Abstract.owl:DatatypeProperty 
Relationdefine a property that relates a concept to another concept. Abstract.owl:ObjectProperty 
 define ‘constraints’ on propertiesowl:Restriction 
 allow a relation to be applicable to specific subject conceptsrdfs:domainNot used
 allow a relation to be applicable to specific object conceptsrdfs:rangeNot used
versionspecify the version of the constructowl:versionInfo 
 define allowed values for attributesrdfs:DatatypeNot used
subtypeOfa class is more specialized than its superclassrdfs:subClassOf
labeldefine the unique name of any constructrdfs:label
definitiondescribe the constructskos:definiton
commentnote aspects of place of the construct in the ontologyrdfs:comment
modifiedrecord when a construct was modified lastdct:modified 
rightsHolderrecord who holds the rights on the constructdct:rightsHolder
issuea reference to issue trackercbnl:issue
referencereference related resources such as images and documentsdct:referenceNot used
synonymrecord labels of synonymous constructsskos:altLabel 
conformsToreference a section of a work that explains the nature of the constructdct:conformsTo
Workan resource that can be referencedcbnl:work
 a standardcbnl:Standard
WorkReferencea reference to a workcbnl:WorkReference
 a reference to a standardcbnl:StandardReference
statusthe status of a construct in development of the ontologycbnl:status
IDa unique string representing the construct (after migration)cbnl:id
sourceIDa unique string representing the construct in the original source (before migration)cbnl:sourceid
partOfrecord the composition relation between conceptscbnl:partOf
memberOfrecord that a concept is part of an area of interestcbnl:isMemberOf
Collectionan area  interestcbnl:collection
subcollectionOfrelation between subcollectionscbnl:isSubcollectionOf
unita unitqudt:* 
valuea quantity or other valuequdt:* 
 a geographic locationgeosparql:* 



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