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The CB-NL RDF distribution

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The CBNL version contains currently 4 separate graphs. These are the CBNL topmodel, the CBNL core, the CBNL metamodel and a graph for listvalues.

cbnlcore http://ont.cbnl.org/cb/def/

cbnltop http://ont.cbnl.org/top/def/

meta http://ont.cbnl.org/metamodel/def/

list http://ont.cbnl.org/cb/id/

In addition the following graphs are available in the Sesame repository interrelating CB-NL Concepts with other information sources:







Access to the CBNL RDF source

The CBNL is coded in RDF-OWL. The CBNL RDF source is distributed in a RDF/XML file and via a SPARQL endpoint (including. REST interface).

The CBNL source files

Location of the CBNL core RDF/XML file: http://ont.cbnl.org/cb/def/

Location of the CBNL top RDF/XML file: http://ont.cbnl.org/top/def/

The CBNL SPARQL endpoint

The CBNL endpoint can be accessed via the following HTTP address: http://api.cbnl.org/sparql/CBNL

Accessing the CBNL endpoint with a SPARQL client

A SPARQL client, such as Topbraid Composer or ARQ can be used to access the endpoint. Another good option is Yasque (http://legacy.yasgui.org/). The SPARQL statement that is executed by the client must include the endpoint address like is done in this example:


                     SERVICE <http://api.cbnl.org/sparql/CBNL>
                     { GRAPH <http://ont.cbnl.org/top/def/>
                                { ?s ?b ?o }

Accessing the CBNL endpoint via REST interface

The endpoint can be queried as follows:

<http address of the endpoint>?query=<the SPARQL query>       Note: The "<" and ">" sign are not part of the statement, there are listed here to list the separate parts of the request.

Example:  http://api.cbnl.org/sparql/CBNL?query= PREFIX cbnlcore: <http://ont.cbnl.org/cb/def/> DESCRIBE cbnlcore:Brug

Encoded version: http://api.cbnl.org/sparql/CBNL?query=%20PREFIX%20cbnlcore:%20%3Chttp://ont.cbnl.org/cb/def/%3E%20DESCRIBE%20cbnlcore:Brug

The REST interface query results are served in the browser as a file that can be opened in a text editor.

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