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buildingSMART Data Dictionary. This is the planned ontology by the bSI. Although not fully clear, the idea is that countries can submit national parts to this central ontology where they can be harmonized. The language they plan to use is the International Framework for Dictionaries (IFD) (ISO 12006-3).
BuildingSMART Initiative (bSI)
International organization for interoperability in the construction sector. Results are: IDM, IFC (now in version IFC4) (upcoming: IFCforInfra), IFD, bSDD.
Composition of a compound object from component objects (example: door = composition of frame, leaf and filling). Inverse of decomposition. Not used in CB-NL Core.

A description of an abstract (not tangible) ‘thing’, consisting of (1) terms/labels, (2) definition en (3) properties. Concepts are associated with other concepts through relationships such as specialization.

Inverse of Composition. Indicates from what parts something is made. Not used in CB-NL Core.
 The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. See
ETIM develops and maintains an international technical Information Model (ETIM) for the classification of technical products.
The intended workings of a designed object. The process of designing something generates solutions for functional needs in the form of function fulfillers. Its function is the reason of existence for an object.

Function fulfiller
An object which is capable of fulfilling a certain function. Example: a pen is a function fulfiller which makes the function ‘writing’ possible.

Inverse of specialisation. Abstraction of a class by removing properties (example: ‘frame’ is a generalization of ‘door frame’). Literally: making something more general.

An index is a list of contents, sometimes hierarchically, sometimes a list of keywords. An example index is Nl-SfB, the Dutch version of the international SfB classification system.

 De INSPIRE-richtlijn verplicht de Europese lidstaten geo-informatie over 34 thema's te voorzien van metadata, te harmoniseren en beschikbaar te stellen. Zie voor meer informatie
A set of concepts that fulfill the same primary function. For example: door, wall, etc.

An instance/individual of a concept.

Object library
A common term which is used to indicate a library of concepts.
Object Type Library, a collection of concepts describing physical construction objects. The library is specific to Rijkswaterstaat and is thus an ontology on the organizational level. 
Space can be unbounded, but the term usually indicates a bounded space. The boundaries can be physical or virtual

Inverse of generalization. Divides a class into subclasses based on a discriminator. For example, ‘Sliding door’ and ‘Revolving door’ are specializations of ‘Door’.
Rijksgebouwendienst, real estate organization of the Dutch government.
Rijkswaterstaat, responsible for the design, construction, management and maintenance of the main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands.
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