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32 32 * [[Concrete Object]] - Thing that exists in space and time.
33 33 * [[Spatial Object]] - Space defined by built or natural environment or both, intended for user activity or equipment.
34 34 * Organization - An organized group of people with a particular purpose. For example, user organizations or contractors. It has no subclasses in the top level.
35 -* [[Process]] - Sequence of interdependent and linked procedures activities which consume one or more resources to convert inputs into outputs.
35 +* [[Process]] - One or more individual activities or events, that are ordered in time, that have sequence relationships with other processes, which transform input in output, and may connect to other other processes through input output relationships.
36 36 * Stream - A stream is a Concrete Object that is material or energy moving along a path, where the path is the basis of identity and may be constrained. The stream consists of the temporal parts of those things that are in the stream whilst they are in it. Examples: road traffic, a water stream.
37 37 * [[Activity]] - An activity is something happening or changing. For example, opening or closure.
38 38 * Event - Events are defined as space-time extensions with zero time extension.

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